[Update:: With our current commitments, we are NOT accepting new requests. We’ll update this page if/when our status changes. Please ignore the rest of the details on this page.]

On a selective basis we are offering author mentoring and book editing services to writers hoping to get published. For now there are two basic packages that we offer.

1. The BooksoarusTM Mentoring Package

2. The BooksoarusTM Critique

You’ll find more details of our book editing services below.

The BooksoarusTM Mentoring Package

At Booksoarus your writing is in safe hands. We are objective third-party professionals who read your submission, form an expert editorial opinion, give you an honest assessment and make suggestions that will benefit your writing.

Read about the BooksoarusTM Mentoring Package
Benefits of hiring a writing coach / mentor

How it works: Click here to read more


The BooksoarusTM Critique

The Booksoarus team will read your work and customize a high end, unbiased critique of your work.
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“I have gone through the Mini critique and have found it to be really valuable. Thank you again. I intend to do as per the suggestions. Also I have decided to submit my whole manuscript to you for your critical comments and suggestions.” – Critique Package Client

“Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will use that as a checklist for my future work.” – Mentoring Package Client

Write to us with a brief bio for more details.
Email: info [at] booksoarus [dot] com

Note: We are editors, not literary agents. Our focus is clear and there’s no conflict of interest in what we do. We work with you, not for publishers. Whether you are thinking of self-publishing or pitching to a traditional publisher, we’ll help you make your writing better.

4 thoughts on “Services”

  1. If the insatiable urge to tell a story and to tell it really well keeps you awake in the dead of night, then you have reached the right place (my humble opinion). One can trust the Booksoarus team to help in getting the ‘idea’ out to its logical conclusion, in a much better shape and perhaps most important, in a timely manner. What Lavanya did best to me was to challenge to rise to the world of fresh writing; almost free from clichés, urging to bring the best out. Her discerning eyes and professional expertise with an almost down-to-earth attitude can make all the difference for new writing souls. And then the sheer joy of having published authors coming on board as ‘mentor’ is just exhilarating (unheard on this side of atlantic till now). In my personal opinion, the team, with a non-commercial perspective, is out there to help people in bringing out the story they feverishly wish to tell. The mentoring package has helped me in identifying major/minor flaws with my plot, people, pace etc. and suggested ways to improve through lots of suggestions as well as asking uncomfortable questions that need introspection at a granular level, keeping the reader FIRST. I would strongly urge any one serious about writing to benefit from the beautiful synergy that follows. Happy writing….as the mails to me end with 🙂

  2. Hi Lavanya,
    You edited my book. Now it is printed and out on shopping sites. The book is doing well.
    The name of the book is The Claim, if your remember it is about an insurance claim.
    I have mentioned about you in the acknowledgement page.
    The book is doing well.
    I lost your phone number and e-mail id due to some reasons.
    Would like to reconnect.
    Sanjay Bordia


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