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Ever considered writing non-fiction books?

Some of the biggest writers in the publishing world happen to be fiction authors. Their best-selling novels sell millions of copies. Their success inspires a new generation of writers to the world of story writing. They are the super-stars signing copies, getting million dollar advances (in some cases, for books that haven’t even been conceptualised). Where does that leave authors who are thinking about writing non-fiction books? Continue reading »

How to write and develop the plot of a story

So, you’ve written that stellar opening line putting, “Call me Ishmael,” (Moby Dick) to shame. You’ve also introduced your character – a sturdy guy with those brooding eyes and you have hinted at a past that you want your reader to unravel later on and say, “Wow!” Right there, you have all the right intentions and a few paragraphs of great writing. Your exposition* is done. So what happens next Continue reading »