Author: Sameer

7 tips to increase your author blog traffic

I’ve been managing 3 different websites. The one that gets the maximum traffic is in the area of international MBA admissions. It’s a very niche topic, compared to the sites that focus on mainstream topics such as technology, business, sports, movies. But over time the traffic has grown steadily making it quite popular in its sphere. Here are a few lessons that I’ve learnt from my experiences. Experiment with them and let me know what worked for you and what didn’t. Continue reading »

Ever considered writing non-fiction books?

Some of the biggest writers in the publishing world happen to be fiction authors. Their best-selling novels sell millions of copies. Their success inspires a new generation of writers to the world of story writing. They are the super-stars signing copies, getting million dollar advances (in some cases, for books that haven’t even been conceptualised). Where does that leave authors who are thinking about writing non-fiction books? Continue reading »